Science Experiment

Today, I came across this particularly intriguing picture during my online meanderings…

What are your origins?

My first instinct would be to discredit such a seemingly whimsical correlation between toe arrangement and genetic heritage. That was until I looked at my own toes (because sometimes you need reminding) and saw that they matched # 3. My roots are Greek? And here I was thinking that having a longer second toe makes you an excellent lover, or gay, or a Nazi. Two out of three isn’t bad…

While I am unaware of any immediate Greek lineage, my grandfather did hail from Czechoslovakia (back in the day when it was still called Czechoslovakia). I also have a nose that would be the envy of any Roman emperor and my features are distinctly East European (thank you, dad). Between all the “Europe” going on in there, it might be possible that my heritage is Greek. It’s a long shot, I know.

So, in an effort to test whether this correlation – as provided by – is indeed accurate in any way or form, I encourage you all to look at your toes and see, having somewhat of a decent understanding of your lineage, whether it works for you. I then want you to comment and say “yes it correlates perfectly”, “no, it’s a steaming pile of bullshit”, or “maybe – it’s possible” as my answer was. If you don’t know what your lineage is at all, then don’t be a troll and try to partake.

This is just for fun, although an interesting/funny comment could land itself on my “Creme de la Comments” page. With enough of your feedback, we should be able to lend credence to or totally BUST this hypothesis. And you can have the satisfaction of knowing that you partook in a real science experiment (sort of).

Results are up! Take a look HERE

Funny President Abraham Lincoln

Author: Thea Beckman

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87 thoughts on “Science Experiment”

      1. Oh my god !!
        my right is egyptian , and my left is greek.
        i am egyptian, my mother is purely egyptian but my father had a turkish granfather

  1. Nope, not accurate. My lineage is mainly Scot-Irish, but my toes say Greek. I guess it’s possible that somewhere back in there someone was Greek. The family tree does have deep roots. But as far as I know, it’s incorrect.

    1. It’s quite remarkable that everyone who has responded to this post is “Greek” of lineage according to the toe correlation. I wonder if that means that people with Greek toes are smarter as they’re more likely to read science blogs…

  2. You’re telling me that not only are you a great lover, but you’re also a Nazi!? How did I miss this? Apparently, I’m Greek-derived as well. Not a far cry, since a big chunk of my family is from Sicily. I would like to say “Yes, it correlates perfectly”, but I’m doubting my sciencing.

    1. I practiced my goose-stepping in the yard while you were at work. So far, everyone who has responded is “Greek”. It would seem that a new correlation is emerging – people with longer second toes are more likely to read and engage in science blogs.

  3. My son showed me this several weeks ago. We all took off our socks and had either Roman or Greek toes even though we have German, English and Celtic Blood. I know our familys´history for hundreds of years, it has its roots in Greece and the Roman Empire. If you can go back several generations in your family´s bloodline, you´ll find that this is true from a historical viewpoint.

  4. Breaking the Greek trend here :/. Mine look Roman. Might be a weak throwback to Roman occupation of the U.K, but I would of thought they’d be Germanic. In the family tree we know, (7 generations) I’ve got Scottish, English and Welsh blood. Jurys out for me!

  5. According to this very interesting, little experiment I’m half Egyptian, half Greek. I shall have to climb high up in my family tree, as I am intrigued to find out if it is at all true.

  6. Egyptian toes. My family have lived in the same (totally non-Egyptian) town for 11 generations, and have only really been between England and Ireland for a couple hundred years before that. However, my toes have also previously been seen as a sign of excellent sporting ability. I still haven’t managed that, and it’s been 20 years!

      1. Agreed. I am now one toe down, which interestingly changes my answer! HURRAH! Still, not right though… *sigh*

  7. Germanic which fits. We are very heavy on the German with a light peppering of Scottish. I’ve got the family history back to about 1200 on both sides. I always say the family reunions look like a convention of fat bald German tavern keepers with a few tall muscular Teutonic Knights thrown in for good measure. My dad and I were in the Knight section and my Grandfather fit right in with the Tavern owners.

    Gordon was Celtic and that one fits very well. His background is that area on both sides. One day when they were cutting his hair and I was waiting for mine, She combed it in a Early English bowl cut. I was looking straight at a live version of a Saxon Knight. He looked just like the tomb covers I’ve seen for them.

    So dead on. No clue about the others..

      1. Had to. My Grandfather was about 5 ‘ 6″. Dad and I stood 6′ and 6′ 1″. Now my half brother? He’s tall like us but he’s in the fat German tavern owner class. They are like cookie cutters when it comes to looks. We breed true with very strong genes. His son looks exactly like him except he’s a 6’ 7″ fat German tavern owner. And yeah, their feet look just like mine.

  8. Oh this is so strange! I am Italian, French, Osage (Native American), and Irish. My feet are Egyptian! Wtf? Although it is hard to say- they sort of look Roman, only the toes are subtly descending in size, instead of maintaining the same length. Gah! I’m so confused!

    1. There are schools of thought suggesting that the ancients toddled backwards and forwards across the pond much more than modern archaeological ‘sciences’ will permit. The more I look into it the more I accept it—so perhaps ‘native Americans’ after all really are Egyptian, or Greek—or share more distant ancestors with those guys?

  9. I am pleased to have beautiful Egyptian feet. With wonderful English record-keeping I have managed to trace my family tree back to about the 17th Century and I am very Scottish and English with the odd Welsh and Irish ancestor, so I really can’t say if this is true or not! My boyfriend has Roman feet and the nose to match…

    1. I didn’t have much faith in this whole exercise to begin with, but negative results are still results! Thank you for contributing to our understanding of what your toes say about your heritage!

  10. It definitely didn’t work for me. I should have Egyptian heritage according to my feet. But I’ve researched my family history and I have German and Irish ancestors. I would guess that most people are of mixed ancestry so this test won’t give accurate results.

  11. My left follows the Egyptian pattern, my right the Greek.

    My documented ancestry is mostly Irish, some Scottish, some English, a little French, and probably some German or Dutch- there are some confused records from the period. One US census has my ancestor born in Ireland, another has him born in Germany, but the spelling we have for his last name is apparently indicative of a Dutch origin. Based on what we have in total, we probably trace back to Germany along this line, but we aren’t sure, about all we do know for sure is he wasn’t born in the United States.

    On the Egyptian bit, there are some old legends that have the history of Ireland go through Egypt. This is almost certainly totally false, the Irish *probably* came from pre-Roman Spain after a trek there from Central Europe. But it is interesting in light of my left foot.

  12. I would check, but this is far too personal for me to reveal. Besides, I think I’m Irish, partly because I procrastinate everything, even procrastination. That, and I drink a lot. Yes, I know water doesn’t count.

    1. For someone who drinks a lot (alcohol, presumably) and again, presumably, gets into the occasional drunk-fuelled compromising position, you certainly exercise an unnatural degree of modesty.

      1. Well, as Captain Spock once said, “Kling akhlami buhfik” (Nobody’s perfect). I get extremely paranoid when imbibing too much. However, though I know that one side of my family is Slavic going back several hundreds of years, including land grants, the other side were Hibernian dirt farmers with the traditional large ears and tiny blue eyes (I fairly resemble Alfred E. Neuman).

        As for my toes, they resemble no others in the family. Both my parents are plainly Roman. I, on the other hand (foot), have severely Greek (Geek) feet.

        So there it is. I am thinking your curiosity may be somewhat quenched in this regard.

        Oh yeah, please to understand that I do not speak in the way that I write. It would take too long to formulate a reply and I am not known for thinking on my feet. By the information reluctantly given above, this should be plainly obvious as the ears on either side of my head. 🙂

  13. Egypt; and my heritage is white European. However when I was in Egypt a few years ago one of the locals told me my face had “traditional Egptian features”. Curious.

  14. Right foot Celtic. Left foot Greek. I’m full Irish on one side of my family and Portuguese, Greek, and Irish on the other. So pretty spot on I guess? But fun fact: when your second toe is longer than the big one, its a condition called Morton’s Toe.

  15. My husband and I are from German descent, but my toes tell me I’m Greek/Roman and my kids are Celts??? Very funny, I think we are scientifically proofing that this toe-test is inaccurate, even if roots can go very very deep 😉

    1. Haha! I think it’s lovely you made your whole family take off their shoes and socks – all in the name of science and fun! I also made my parents check their toes 🙂 I will be collating the results and posting them towards the end of this week, so *watch this space*

  16. For what it’s worth I guess an Egyptian/Roman cross. Oh no, I’m a hybrid … eeeek, possibly a descendant of Cleopatra and Julius Caesar? But wasn’t Cleo part Greek by descent? Damn! Now look what you’ve done … maybe if I count my toes from the other direction … don’t wait up … Maya? Naaaaaaaaa~!

      1. Excuse me—am having a wee identity crisis here (will be happy to discuss what’s afoot once I’ve sorted myself out).

  17. I’m Egyptian by this guide but have celtic/germanic background and my son is left foot Egyptian and right foot Greek…

  18. Im # 5! Celtic. Always hated my feet! My mother has the same! Her family name was Longstreath! From further reading on this topic its Cltic of Scottish desent! Also the test there gives many traits our family have! Ant insight on digging further into ancestry! Also a few of us have a blue tint to our eyes! We are African Americans!

    1. You’re a few months too late to partake in the experiment, but your contribution is appreciated nevertheless! It turned out the the majority of participants did NOT identify with the test and also – a glaring deficiency – it fails to account for people of African and Asian origin.

  19. So most of my descendants are from Scotland, Ireland, Polish , and German descent. It you mix Germanic and Celtic blood wouldn’t their toes look like Greek toes? Hard to say now days. What is Roman when they conquered most of those lands wouldn’t they mix genetics?

    1. You raise a very good point… who are the Romans really considering they conquered much of Europe, the northern extremes of Africa and Asia minor? They were also an debauched lot and probably bonked anything that moved. So, to say that there is a strong Roman lineage is probably incorrect considering the blending of genes that probably occurred.

  20. I appear to be very clearly Egyptian, which is kind of cool for a fair-skinned Englishman.

    I feel the urge to remodel my domicile in pyramidal style, but I suspect my landlord would be miffed.

    1. No need to, my dear. Our little experiment proved – at least in some small part – that this correlation was horribly inaccurate. Also, it doesn’t account for people of Asian and African decent.

  21. Greek. and considering I am from India, i am guessing that it would have to do with alexander’s time. I am actually going to run a search on just that to see which of his generals were closer to my place of origin withing India.

    1. ok, so it probably is the case. My ancestors migrated within India from a place called Ujjain, which was definitely part of the Indo-greek empire.

  22. I have Egyptian feet and I’m German & Welsh. I’ve done some of my own research and know I have some Scottish as well. Idk where my feet were steered wrong…

    1. I heard from my grandfather (prankster cause he said he was also a Kung fu master watching kung fu the series in the seventies I believe) that I was Pawnee Indian also… If that has any weight…

  23. This indicates I hail back to a Greek background. The furthest I’ve been able to trace my ancestry is Scotland and Europe to about the 1600s. But, maybe my ancestors traveled….

  24. On the toe history I come up as having a Greek decent. But I am Mexican and Colombian. So I don’t know if there’s any validity to the test. But, I would love to be corrected.

  25. My toes are apparently Egyptian. I come from a strong Scandinavian descent, as far back in the tree as I’ve been able to venture, anyway.

  26. mine and my mother’s are greek and my dad’s and my brother’s are roman and scince we are egyptian there is actually a possibility that it’s true

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