It’s a New Dawn, a New Day, a New Life…

Sunrise from an aeroplaneSilence is golden, especially after road tripping across country with your mother-in-law; especially after forgetting to renew your child’s Ritalin prescription and ESPECIALLY after George Bush Junior wraps up yet another hit YouTube speech. But when it comes to “Why? Because Science”, silence is not golden. As the days fly by since last I posted an intellectual offering, I begin to see cobwebs gather at the corner of my beloved blog’s virtual pages… and it’s not the work of Google spiders.

On any other occasion this would have depressed me terribly, but just as one sees the sun crack the horizon in unimaginable shades of crimson from the tiny port-hole on a commercial flight, so too have the horizons for “Why? Because Science” begun to glimmer with new life. This blog, which I have loved and nurtured since the blustery southern hemisphere winter of 2012 has a new destination and it is no longer here. It’s a new dawn, a new day, a new life… and I’m feeling good! Why? Because Science I have joined forces with someone of great intellectual and inspirational standing: someone for which and with whom I have worked since 2010. “Why? Because Science” is to become a part of a new venture into the world of online entertainment, which, in addition to daily science musings, funny pictures and awe-inspiring videos, will include:

  • News from around the world
  • Hilarious internet memes
  • Funny videos of people being idiots, in other words, natural selection at work
  • Videos of animals being ridiculously adorable
  • Videos of news anchors dropping accidental F-bombs
  • No-way videos, awe-inspiring videos and more funny videos.

And so, our new site is to become the premier destination for the bored at work, the ignorant seeking enlightenment and the needing-to-kill-some-time-while-they-wait-for-their-girlfriend-to-get-ready. taking-a-long-time-to-get-readyWhat you have known “Why? Because Science” to be and much of its integrity will be preserved. In fact, it will be greatly enhanced through multiple daily postings, as opposed to twice a week (at its busiest) and once a bloody millennium (of late). There will be a greater variety of media, too and if your mind begins to overheat, you can always check out some of the site’s other pages, which will be packed with entertainment of a deliciously brainless nature.

“Why? Because Science” will occupy it’s very own page on this website. But for now, my beloved readers, these are all the details I can provide until the plan is set correctly in motion. When the time comes, I will provide you with a new pathway to greater knowledge and it is my most ardent hopes and desires that you will follow me across to my new platform. Just as Frodo took on an epic journey across Middle Earth to save the world from destruction by an angry and inflamed gash, so too must I fly with the winds of change.

Fly with me! Fly you fools! Fly-You-Fools funny picture

Author: Thea Beckman

Canadian born and South African raised, Thea Beckman AKA Wander Woman Thea, is an experienced travel, food, and wine writer and (amateur) photographer with a devastating love of all of the above. She is a travel bug, a bookworm, and mildly alarmed by how many arthropods she can be at once. When she’s not writing for a living and for pleasure, she enjoys bird-watching, reading, drinking wine, cooking, and SHORT walks on the beach because the summer southeasterly winds in Cape Town are a real bitch. Thea is the author of the book “Why? Because Science!” Facebook @WanderWomanThea Instagram @wander_woman_thea

32 thoughts on “It’s a New Dawn, a New Day, a New Life…”

  1. I am overjoyed madam. I have missed your science related missives to the ignorant unwashed and look forward to hearing more in the future. Until your return let me leave you with this short haiku.

    Best Blog on WordPress
    Informative and funny
    Why? Because Science


    1. Totally agree with your comment. “Why Because Science” combines getting information across with being really witty at the same time. A rare combination.

      I looked forward to Reading Thea’s regularly posts and they have been sorely missed.

      Easily the best science blog on WordPress 🙂

      The Science Geek


    2. Haha! Thank you! You have become a regular and you’d better continue to be with the transition.

      P.S. You may not be the first to have written a poem for me, but it was certainly the best!


  2. Always that nagging feeling of missing something but you know not wot until it resurfaces. Welcome back (and let’s see what develops). I await with ears up and tail awag; now get thee hence and start scribing. Tempus fugit and all that …


    1. Thank you, Teresa. I’ve been given the rare opportunity of turning my passion and hobby into an actual enterprise, which will certainly take “Why? Because Science” to far greater heights. I’ll provide everyone with precise details when the time is right. In the meantime, thank you for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Maybe I should’ve read more than you posted? I didn’t realize you were so busy with husband and child. It appears life needs a smart lady at the helm! Best wishes for your next adventure. I’ve enjoyed the journey so far very much. Thanks for all the fish. 🙂


    1. Even the most eminent scientists are ignorant, for the field of science is astoundingly fathomless! What sets the good ignorance apart from the bad is those that seek learning, which puts you and I in the same category!

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  4. I just discovered this blog, and although I wish you success this kind of bums me out. I feel like the content that exists on this site shouldn’t have to be slipped in between a dog chasing a ball and some drunk person stumbling out in front of traffic. But I’ll still follow regardless.


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