Sciencey LOL of the Week

Funny science pictures space

Author: Thea Beckman

Domain Eukarya, kingdom Animalia (Metazoa), phylum Chordata, class Mammalia, order Primates, family Hominidae, genus Homo, species Homo sapiens, subspecies Homo sapiens sapiens... essentially. I have a Master's Degree in Atmospheric science, which doesn't entitle me to be generous with my opinion, but my sense of self importance does! I love writing, I love science, I love reading, but I'm not nuts about long walks on the beach. Short to medium walks are preferable. This is my blog and I have something important to say:

8 thoughts on “Sciencey LOL of the Week”

  1. Or….you might get pulled in by gravity to a planet and be able to enact your own version of “The Martian”, only without all the expensive equipment and the protection of a movie plot to assist….where you will eventually run out of food, water, and oxygen, and….well you know! 😉

  2. Hah! Aliens would show up before you ran out of oxygen and save you, securing a movie deal of your adventures with Marvel studios.

    Or you’d choke to death on poisonous levels of CO2.

    One of those.

      1. Well, it’s a given that the aliens are going to be probing that astronaut, regardless of their vital status… those aliens.

        (Hey, it’s great that you’ve been cranking out so many essays lately. Thank you for bringing the lessons and laughs.)

      2. These are all old blogs of mine – I’m transferring them over from an old website I worked on. The blog on farts: that’s FRESH material, if you’ll excuse the odorous pun 😉

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