What Do You Want From Me?

Hello minions!

Why? Because Science has been rather busy lately, what with my renewed resolve to take over the world. As those of my readers without ADHD will know, I’ve covered quite an impressive suite of subjects, mostly to do with the natural sciences.

In the pursuit of fresh mental fodder, I’ve asked many of my friends what they’d like me to write about and half of them couldn’t even say because they don’t read anything I post (bastards) and the other half came up with an assortment of rude and lascivious suggestions, including female ejaculation, farts and why people come up with such great (and bad) ideas when they’re drunk.


Since I don’t want my blog to become a top search result for lonely men looking for entertainment, I decided to forego the first topic and wrote about the second, which you can enjoy here: The Science of Farts: Yes, It’s a Thing. The last one I’m still conducting repeat human trials on.

My question for you, dear readers, is: what would you like to see me write about? Is there some natural phenomenon you’d like to better understand? Would you like a better explanation of some physical law? Or would you just like to hear me make more irreverent jokes and sexual references while describing something sciencey?

Here’s your opportunity to suggest a great topic and, as a reward for your contribution, I’ll provide my 23,000+ followers with a link to your own blog site! The virtual ether is the only place we enjoy our traffic.

If you’ve got a PHD in science, don’t be a troll and ask me to explain some super complicated theory or topic with lots of huge words in it in an effort to broadcast your immense IQ. The topic has got to be of interest to a lot of people, most of whom don’t necessarily have an advanced education.

Without further ado… FIRE AWAY!!



Author: Thea Beckman

Canadian born and South African raised, Thea Beckman AKA Wander Woman Thea, is an experienced travel, food, and wine writer and (amateur) photographer with a devastating love of all of the above. She is a travel bug, a bookworm, and mildly alarmed by how many arthropods she can be at once. When she’s not writing for a living and for pleasure, she enjoys bird-watching, reading, drinking wine, cooking, and SHORT walks on the beach because the summer southeasterly winds in Cape Town are a real bitch. Thea is the author of the book “Why? Because Science!” Facebook @WanderWomanThea Instagram @wander_woman_thea

31 thoughts on “What Do You Want From Me?”

    1. It’s definitely an emotion – or better yet, a feeling – that’s fuelled by brain chemistry, namely endorphins. The decisions you make facilitate love and its longevity. But that amazing feeling is completely unaccompanied by decision-making, rationality or logic. I’ve learned that much in my 30 years.


  1. Hi, you could write about the nobel prize in chemistry and the nobel prize in medicine!
    Or about the importance in chemistry of the Nuclear Magnetiic Ressonance!

    Or write about


    1. That’s a great idea – perhaps more about the Nobel prize and why it’s considered the most prestigious award in the field of science and technology. Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a fascinating one, too. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance I’ll have to look into. Have you seen that recent video posted by “I Freaking Love Science” that shows two people kissing and doing, uh, “other things” inside an MRI machine? Pretty incredible!

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  2. Human evolution, as its happening now – might interest you. I’m reading about it these days. Spent some time scrolling through a flood of visually stimulating posts on how we’re evolving into a computer/shit-pot/pork/apes/robots/whatever-you-want. It’ll be fun to know your interpretation. Cheers!


  3. I’d love to read something from the marine environment. There’s been some pretty cool stuff happening in cuttlefish DNA. Or octopus throwing behaviour. Otherwise, a lab group that I know has done some fun things on the attractiveness of beards. Quantum coupling is also fascinating! Science is so awesome!


    1. Hey now, you’ve got some great ideas there! I will soon be posting a blog about some of our world’s most interesting/weird/strange animals and of course many of those belong to the ocean. Stay tuned for that! I also think human evolution is a great suggestion, so thank you for your fantastic ideas!

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  4. I’ve enjoyed you’re blog for a long time, thank you for always having interesting topics. Here are a few that I’ve been meaning to research, but haven’t found the time. ..
    Mob mentality – Why must we do what others do?
    Can you be allergic to another person?
    Why do dogs love humans?
    Poop – It comes in many colors!
    😉 Maybe a follow up piece to the fart post.


  5. The first thing that came to mind was strange mating rituals of wildlife. I thought about the greater sage grouse, that live near me. Another topic might be characteristics of creative sciency type people – like Einstein’s messy desk.

    Have you been to ScienceDaily.com? Lots of great articles and they even have a ‘quirky’ category.


  6. Nano-tech stuff.
    Quantum entanglement for dummies.
    What’s the latest on all those experiments about FTL travel?
    O’Neil cylinders and Dyson spheres.
    The immortality of cancer cells – is anyone doing any research on using them rather than just destroying them?
    Is quantum computing a thing yet, and if not, why not?


  7. Hey there.. I am 1 in 23000+ so it seems what you are doing manages to work. If landing followers is the goal then I think you have achieved that in spades. I really enjoy your natural science stuff. All the people I have shown your blog to really enjoy your candor as well as well as your non PHD writing style. Lets leave the French and Americans tribulations as well as latest diet trends to CNN. If you could manage 85%natural science including oceans, 10% general interest and 5%other(smut) that would be great. Lets be honest write about what you enjoy and what you think is relevant what ever that may be, if you enjoy what you are writing about then it will show. Please do not become one of the people that regurgitate others work verbatim just for the sake of a post(Terrrrrrribly boring) as life is to short.
    I hope this is of some help. Dan


    1. Aw, wow! Thank you so much for your comment. I will only ever write about the stuff I’m genuinely interested in, of course. I posted this particular blog in a lazy effort to research new topics, since my own mental coffers are running a little dry. Ultimately, I would like to turn this blog into a job and in order to do that, I do need to cater to the masses. However, that doesn’t go without limit. I won’t use every suggestion, but I have received quite a few really good ones! Anyway, thank you again and don’t worry… I’ll forever preserve my originality!


  8. I want to know if there are any studies (or other evidence) out there on the pleasure value of bacon. I mean, it has to increase endorphins! I think we all get the point that too much is not good. But what about the good? What about our emerging bacon culture? What about *uncured* bacon?
    I could research this, but I don’t have time. And you are funnier, at the moment.


    1. Oh, at the moment? I’ll have you know that my funniness is anything but transient!

      I do like your suggestion… but I have to say that I really think it’s mostly hype. Sure, bacon is amazing on pizza, pancakes, sandwiches, salads, wraps, smoothies, breakfast cereal and eggs, but is it really all that? It’s like hipsters have made non-prescription glasses super fashionable. Is bacon not just a culinary fashion for people who can’t afford to dine out at gourmet restaurants? Is it not the bourgeoisie gastronomical flavour of the decade?

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  9. Hey! Seeing how some others commented about love and emotion, how about a post on depression and how it affects people? Or maybe you already did it? Dark, I know, but I’d want to know more about what it really is and what’s all the furore about.
    Love your blog, keep doing what you love and one day we shall conquer the world!


    1. I’ve thought about doing a piece on love and emotion. But that really is a grey area as far as science is concerned. A fifty shades of grey area 😉 A lot of what I’ll have to say will be subjective, but then again maybe that’s a good thing since I’ve been in love a million times, haha!

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  10. I’m newer to the blog, so you may have touched on some of these items. Scary Bacterial Infections, HeLa Cells, Cannabis and cancer, everyone wants “Organic” food, make-up, etc. but does organic really mean better or safer? CERN/Fermilab/SLAC/CESR — particle accelerators.
    Cheers and Thank You for a fun read!


  11. What about hosting a debate, or exchange of views on some controversial topics? Or, maybe you could take the point of view of one, and the of the other.
    Thanks for blogging.


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