Terrifying Footage of 2011 Tsunami in Japan

On March 11th, 2011, a record-breaking 8.9-magnitude earthquake shook the very foundations of the Earth off the east coast of Japan. Only hours after the earthquake struck, a wall of water 23-feet high slammed into Japan totally devastating much of its low-lying coastal areas – urban and rural alike. Cars, homes, ships, debris, vegetation and people were violently swept away as the tsunami pounded ashore.

The Pacific rim was put on high alert, but thankfully only Hawaii seemed to feel the effects of the 2011 tsunami and even then, the damage was not major. The tsunami that hit Japan on this fateful day was recorded as being more than 7-meters high. It claimed the lives of hundreds of people and injured countless more.

Video Source: “Incredible HD Footage of Japan Tsunami” uploaded by FinalCutKing on YouTube channel https://youtu.be/J2hUwFo6Vpc

What was so spectacular to see in the aftermath of the 2011 tragedy was Japan’s incredibly swift recovery from the disaster. Authorities wasted no time in repairing the roads and infrastructure that was damaged by the tsunami and the electrical fires it caused. The rest of the world can certainly learn from Japan’s efficiency and alacrity in responding to disaster management and mitigation.


Author: Thea Beckman

Canadian born and South African raised, Thea Beckman AKA Wander Woman Thea, is an experienced travel, food, and wine writer and (amateur) photographer with a devastating love of all of the above. She is a travel bug, a bookworm, and mildly alarmed by how many arthropods she can be at once. When she’s not writing for a living and for pleasure, she enjoys bird-watching, reading, drinking wine, cooking, and SHORT walks on the beach because the summer southeasterly winds in Cape Town are a real bitch. Thea is the author of the book “Why? Because Science!” Facebook @WanderWomanThea Instagram @wander_woman_thea

8 thoughts on “Terrifying Footage of 2011 Tsunami in Japan”

  1. It was a HUGE and tragic disaster but they did damn well considering – were definitely well prepared in ways nobody else is. Back in 2013-14 I wrote a book on NZ’s seismic history, which isn’t really my field, but I “do” physics, so it wasn’t TOO alien. Amidst the research I rang a guy at Canterbury University who did his PhD on the possible rupture of the Alpine Fault, and the cataclysmic devastation that would follow (as in, go and live in Australia). “Oh,” he said “don’t worry about that, the real gun at our heads is the Hikurangi Trench, which will do a Mw 9.0 quake and tsunami just like Japan”. Uh… yay. Luckily we don’t have any stray atomic power stations to leak in NZ. But hey… After the phone call, I went off and drank a lot of beer.


  2. Btw, maybe you already know about the recent tsunami warning on the 13th November in Japan?
    Anyway I wrote this little thingy for the Nepal earthquake this year…
    “Those mountains are not yours,
    those cities are not yours,
    nothing belongs to you…
    You, mere humans, are temporary powerless visitors.
    So welcome to the most spectacular show!
    Let the angry shattering earth reminds you of her true power
    Let the Himalayas dance while your cities get destroyed
    You, mere humans, are not in control of this planet.”


  3. It’s not like the movies, is it? Where the water is so clear and clean you can see the hero thrashing about saving the day.
    What were those ijits doing on that bridge? I hope they didn’t get caught there.


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