Quick Notice: Book Pre-release

Hi all! To those of you who requested to join the pre-release list, the emails went out yesterday. If you haven’t received your free book – and if you submitted a Google mail address – please check out your Promotions Folder on Gmail. And if you have ninja-level filters in place, check your spam folder.

That is all.

Happy reading!

reading book.jpg

Author: Thea Beckman

Domain Eukarya, kingdom Animalia (Metazoa), phylum Chordata, class Mammalia, order Primates, family Hominidae, genus Homo, species Homo sapiens, subspecies Homo sapiens sapiens... essentially. I have a Master's Degree in Atmospheric science, which doesn't entitle me to be generous with my opinion, but my sense of self importance does! I love writing, I love science, I love reading, but I'm not nuts about long walks on the beach. Short to medium walks are preferable. This is my blog and I have something important to say: https://whybecausescience.wordpress.com/

4 thoughts on “Quick Notice: Book Pre-release”

  1. Wahoo! It is live on Amazon UK (just bought and downloaded). It is rare I turn down a freebie – but in this case I wanted a “verified purchase” to add credibility to a review (to follow).

      1. Thea – Amazon have just rejected my review – after reading their guidelines I have no idea why (and the rejection email does not allow for conversation or reply. Can you help please?

        Here is what I wrote (and got rejected):

        from Amazon Customer on 23 November 2017

        Science as I wish I had been taught at school! Brilliant!

        I have the honour of being the very first paying customer for this amazing book (apparently). And I AM honoured!!

        I bumped into Thea in the blog community, and was taken aback by her combination of earthy humour and wide expansive knowledge. I don’t “learn” when I read about science as described by Thea – I laugh a lot and realise when I stop laughing that I know so much more than I did before. And have no idea how that happens!

        So what do I get for her hard-earned money? About three hours of reading (according to my Fire). However, I intend to make this book last longer by reading slower (just so I can savour the fun much more). In that three (or more) hours, I get 40 chapters of science and belly-laugh laughter AND an epilogue AND a “behind the scenes”. But most of all I know I am going to have hours of laughter (and then realise I know a whole heap more than I ever thought I could). Here’s is why …

        From “The Boring Stuff”: “While every precaution has been taken to ensure that the information presented herein is accurate (and accurate at the time of publishing) the author is only human and shit happens.” 🙂

        From “The Grand Introduction”: “Science provides a virtually inexhaustible supply of conversational topics that, if discussed with a dash of knowledge, are guaranteed to make you more appealing to the opposite sex, or the same sex because, you know, homosexuality is perfectly normal.”

        I wanted you read this review as my very own and very proud “verified purchase” review. Because you will not waste your money – in fact you will probably become a big a fan as I am, once you read this “Little Book of Bedtime Science That Unravels Life, The Universe, and The Occasional Pair of Underpants”.

        I hope you buy it – I did! And I am chuckling already!!

      2. Oh wow! I’m so happy I got to read that… that’s truly special! Thank you so much for that Paul. There are three possibilities here:
        1. You swore – said “shit” – perhaps their way of protecting authors from getting trolled.
        2. It’s very long – as much as I appreciate every word, perhaps they don’t like more than a paragraphy
        3. It’s VERY flattering – perhaps too much for an “unbiased” review – and while I’d love nothing more than to have it where everyone can see it, they might think I paid you to be so flattering, hahaha!

        Perhaps shorten it and remove “shit” and see if it flies.

        Once again, thank you so much – I’m so glad you are the very first because now you are the most memorable 🙂

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